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Whether you wish to begin a new career, add this modality to your tool box or simply for personal development, this course is for you.

After this 3 day Internationally Accredited Online Hypnosis Course you will be eligible to join the American Board of Hypnotherapy (Internationally Accredited) and the IICT. The small group certification allows you to be given individual attention by Sandra, a qualified hypnotherapist who has helped many clients achieve results.

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You will learn techniques to assist with:

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What They Say

What our students say about us

I attended the Hypnosis course from 6-8 September 2019. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and all that we have learnt. What I liked most was learning about how the mind works, being the conscious and subconscious minds and learning the ways in which we can consciously manipulate and communicate with the unconscious mind. The power to learn this skill not only to help others, but for ourselves, is an asset which is life-long.

The hardest part of the course was the challenge of reading the induction out loud to the other class member at the start, whilst trying not to have my own conscious mind interfere with the nonsensical way the inductions were written. Although I had been made aware of the reasoning for the language used, being that it was to confuse my classmate’s conscious mind and not my own, this difficulty for me was simply overcome after a short period of time, upon reading around two inductions. After this time, my conscious mind became accustom to reading them out loud without stumbling, because my own mind was aware of what the purpose was.

Sandra is a fantastic trainer and thoroughly explained the anatomy of the mind and how powerful it can be. Sandra also explained every other facet of the course perfectly. The communication in class throughout the course was fantastic and all questions asked by the class were answered in a very knowledgeable way, and in a way in which we could all understand. We were able to book into the class easily and Sandra advertised well before the month of the class, which enabled me to make the necessary arrangements to attend. The training venue was great and comfortable, the class size was perfect and it was a great training weekend!

Tania P

This course was everything I expected it to be and more. The structure of the learning was excellent and my nervousness vanished reasonably quickly and I felt completely at ease with my fellow students, trainer and assistant.

Although I enjoyed the entirety of the course, the hands on learning was probably what I liked most. Being able to practice what was being taught, I was able to increase my confidence and cement my knowledge of becoming a hypnosis practitioner. Having a trainer and an assistant observing and listening ensured that feedback was readily available, which I appreciated. Their knowledge and expertise were an invaluable part of the course.

The most difficult part of the course for me would have been my nervousness. My self doubt regarding whether this is the right course for me and whether I would be able to do it and become a practitioner was a little challenging initially. I am now confident that with practice, there is absolutely no doubt that I will become a great hypnosis practitioner. I have fallen in love with this modality and the amazing positive changes hypnosis can bring to people’s lives.

Sandra, as a trainer, is amazing. Her knowledge of this modality is excellent and she speaks and teaches from the heart. She injects confidence in her students and teaches with integrity. Her style of training works extremely well and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Sandra’s communication is excellent and prompt and the venue is perfect. A welcoming nurturing space to learn in.

Vicki B