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Sandra Madafferi

International Trainer, Mentor  & Strategist

NLP, Time Line Therapy® , Hypnosis, Business Coach

Proven methods so you can build a business and life courageously with truth, impact and integrity.



I am committed to facilitating positive change in your professional and personal life using the strategies I have learnt.
I work with individuals who are ready to step up and make sweeping changes.


Businesses & Individuals

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When you work with me we use both right and left brain strategies. Together we will seek out challenges so we can overcome them and step confidently into mastery of yourself and your life goals.

Make no mistake we will create sweeping change and I will be alongside you to support, encourage and guide.

If you are ready to create a movement that is bigger than just you and accelarate your powerful journey then you have come to the right place.


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Sandra runs an extensive selection of events and workshops for ambitious and inspired individuals.
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What My Clients Say:

I had a really uplifting session with Sandra just a few moments ago. There have been a few challenges or uncomfortable situations I have been experiencing lately and I find I am too close to the issue to fix it on my own, so it was nice to have her support.

The process she took me through was similar to one that I was trained in, but it had a little twist which I enjoyed very much.

The information that came up was not surprising at all, in fact it is stuff I am always aware of. But something about the timing, Sandra’s approach and probably even how comfortable I felt, allowed me to experience these awarenesses as more than just logically. I really felt that they were released or transformed through the session. I am excited to see what changes in the next few weeks.

Thank you, Sandra!

Heather Dempsey

I would like to let everyone know how amazing Sandra Madafferi is. The results I have had with Hypnosis and other treatments from Sandra have worked immediately. One example is, I went to Sandra as my go to “stress buster” was a bag of Starburst snakes. I could eat the whole bag in a matter of minutes. When I thought about them I would salivate.

Well, since seeing Sandra mid last year I can honestly say I have not had one starburst snake since…. She is amazing. Not only does she stop the “behaviour” but she finds out why we are doing it and fixes the root cause.

Thank you Sandra for excelling and believing in what you do. It certainly shows in your treatments and successes.

Jenny Webb

I recently went to see Sandra for a Reading, and i must say, it was more spiritual than any other Readings i have had in the past. In one sitting, Sandra helped me realise something about myself where i went “oh yeah…. I do do that”. The things Sandra picked up on were accurate, she is so intuitive and the love of what she does is intoxicating. i highly recommend Sandra for a Reading & i will definitely be looking forward to experiencing her other services … Amazingly, since seeing Sandra, i have met people in need of a healing in some way and have already recommended her

Selena Weitsy