Are you ready to…

  • Start setting intentions and really achieving them
  • Manifest exactly what you want 
  • Create a future you dream about with ease
  • Fast-track your success and create unlimited potential

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You know that what you desire is just there, beyond your grasp and you have tried all the steps to manifest your desires. You want to fast-track your success and you are ready to reach your unlimited potential now.

I have helped many clients create a future they used to only dream about using powerful spiritual as well as mainstream methodology.

This 1/2 day workshop will teach you tools that you can use time and time again in your life. It will show you where you hold the road-blocks to your success and how to identify and rid yourself of them for good. Once you have been taught these 3 very basic techniques, you won’t look back. I have used these techniques myself and continue to have amazing success, including running a successful business doing what I love and travelling often, which I am also passionate about.

It’s time to unblock everything that’s holding you back to create your dream life.

Exchange: $55

Find the next date and book here

Sandra Madafferi photoAbout your Host

Sandra is an Abundance Coach, here to fast-track you to freedom and unlimited potential. She has created success in her own life and will take you on the journey to do the same.

She is a highly experienced NLP Coach and Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Coach who has helped hundreds of people to create the abundance and freedom they desire in their lives.