Fabulous Women Empowerment Meetup group

Fabulous Women Empowerment  is a supportive community group for women at all stages of life.

How are you going with life’s ups and downs? Do you feel that you’ve got life under control, or do you feel out of control? Do you have too many choices, or not enough? Is it full of challenges, or are you bored?

We get together twice a month and share strategies to create and maintain the life you want to live….

And have a heap of fun doing it.

People in our group are:

· Courageous and passionate
· Supportive and compassionate
· Always looking for new ways to create the difference
· Forward thinkers
· Wanting to meet like-minded people
· Looking to grow and expand their consciousness

Fabulous Women’s Empowerment Group  is a group where we can contribute our skills, knowledge and wisdom to help the group members grow their network and make a difference to their own life and the lives of others.

We can’t wait to welcome you and embrace change together … come join our tribe!

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