Oneness Infinity Session
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Oneness Infinity Session

8 x 1 : 1 Oneness Integration Star session

Detailed Personal History discovery session.
Hypnotic Journey of releasing major negative emotions and blocks.
Removing limiting beliefs and decisions, both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual or as needed.
Helping you to raise your vibrations so you are better connected to the universe.
To empower you with intuitive session by connecting with your Spirit guides.
Healing goes beyond the physical quantum or in other words multi dimensional healing takes place for you.

The Infinity Session often involves combining different modalities and spiritual tools that Sandra has amassed over the years and may vary from client to client and session to session. Session may include if and as needed : NLP techniques, accessing Akashic records, Reiki Time Line therapy, sub-modalities work and Anchoring techniques. Though time frames are usually set to 120 minutes, Sandra.