Trinity Package

The Oneness Integration Trinity package is for you if you are ready to take back your power.

Remove your deep emotional blocks
Plant goals for the future for you to fulfill
Integrate your conscious and unconscious mind, body and spirit

Helping you to raise your vibrations so your better connected to the Universe. Empowering you to live the best possible life for yourself.

Your session includes

3 x 1:1 Oneness Integration  sessions
Each sessions lasts for a minimum of 90-120 minutes


About the sessions
The Trinity Session often involves combining different modalities and spiritual tools that Sandra has amassed over the years and may vary from client to client and session to session. Though time frames are usually set to 120 minutes, Sandra’s sessions involve working uniquely with a client and if need be giving extra time to help a client out. The sessions are about completing a healing and not about time constraints.

Contact Sandra for more details or to book a 30 min free consultation

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