Embracing our emotions to create a more positive mindset.

Sometimes I feel like I am in the minority because I truly feel blessed for a large percentage of the time. In a world where people often connect over negative emotions, this can seem unusual.

I regularly speak about the mindset and strategies behind this in my workshops and classes. There are some key concepts that I find are most helpful to people when trying to navigate the minefield of ‘negative’ emotions.

These concepts help to change the impact these emotions have on our lives and allow us to use them for something positive.

There are no bad emotions

We may get told as children that it’s wrong or weak to express a certain emotion, but the truth is all of our emotions serve a purpose. We need them for our survival, they are the egos way of keeping us safe and on track. For example, can you imagine a life without fear? We would end up in situations that could threaten our very existence or at the very least end up hurt. 

There are emotions that are unhelpful, for example when they are an overreaction or we get stuck in our response to the emotion and are unable to live a fulfilled life. But in general, our emotions serve a purpose.

Emotions need to be expressed

One of the biggest challenges we come up against our emotions is when we are unable to express them in a healthy way. When this happens and we bottle them up we can experience the pressure of this unexpressed emotion physically or through seemingly irrational outbursts. Often this can happen unconsciously because of the stories we tell ourselves that were created in childhood. It is important to cultivate the skill of expressing your emotions fully in a way that serves you and others around you in the kindest way and this can often mean we need to first unpack those unconscious stories.

Keep it authentic 

Often people take on emotions that really don’t belong to them. It may be that they are trying to not be like their parents or they are sympathising with their immediate family. These emotions and reactions can feel like they really belong to us if we don’t take time to check-in and ask the question of ourselves. Imagine if we were able to only feel our own authentic emotions, straight away we would simplify everything going on internally. 

Making ourselves wrong

Something else that often happens is we try to hide our shadow side or traits we view as unacceptable to the world. Unfortunately, what we resist, persist so these traits tend to take over who they are on an unconscious level visible to everyone around us. 

5 steps to releasing emotions

  1. Accept that every emotion is ok. Acknowledging that the emotions we are feeling are exactly what we need to feel right now will help you to stop resisting and start accepting
  2. Start taking control over that emotion rather than that emotion controlling us. Allow them to be felt and expressed in a healthy way, some forms of this are journaling, meditating, talking to someone, going to the gym or walking in nature, whatever works for you.
  3. Listen to your body it has a lot of wisdom to share. Holding on to toxic emotions can also affect our health when our body aches it’s trying to tell us something isn’t working for us.
  4.  Get help. Consider dealing with challenging emotions through some form of therapy and allow then to release so they no longer can hold you back.
  5. Take time. Remember to give yourself enough time to allow your emotions to flow through you and know that there is no right or wrong when it comes to emotions.

As an Abundance Coach, I assist clients to break through the limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. If you would like to book in a free call to chat about your journey forward you can book in here.

Yours in Abundance,