About Me

Hello there, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Sandra and I am a Business and Holistic Coach using both practical and spiritual ideology. In 2011 the life I knew was turned upside down.  Although one of the most confronting experiences of my life through this adversity I began to soul search. Being able to change my mindset into realising that I couldn’t change the past no matter how hard I tried, that I only had control of my future my journey began.  Spiritually at first becoming a Reiki Master and of course my own first client. Four years later I began to waddle into the world of Hypnosis and NLP and that is when my life real began to change. I realised that I was my own worst enemy, by “I” I mean my mindset, my thoughts the emotions, patterns and limiting beliefs  that I was running unconsciously thru my mind  and the thoughts of others that I accepted to be true about me.

By become aware of those patterns I allowed to  run on auto pilot   and beginning the release of all those emotions and circumstances that had such a tight grip on my life I began to integrate all of who I am, forgive the past and become grateful for my life as it then was and began to focus on living with intention. I now run a successful Coaching and Mentoring business helping others take the same journey and no I longer hide myself away, nor live  my life according to circumstances around me.  Change must always begin on a personal level for your life to thrive in all and any areas of your life. Creating a focused, fulfilled unlimited life must begin with awareness and intention

I love aligning the two elements for my clients so they can become the best version of themselves.

 Completing years of intensive studies and  numerous qualifications in various modalities I developed my very own, unique method of coaching that I like to call, “Oneness Integration”.

I realized that to be able to truly help people move forward in ways that seem impossible and to have that amazing life, I would need to show them and also help others integrate all of their selves ie Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical selves.
For true change only starts to happen once we begin to understand ourselves and integrate all of ourselves in all aspects of our life and we start to move forward in ways we find unimaginable.

Oneness Integration is a unique journey that I can promise is unlike any other you have experienced but so rewarding and magical when you become aware of your true potential and unlock it, the world become limitless.

Located In Diamond Creek, Melbourne.

My Qualifications

My Qualifications
Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® Hypnosis and NLP Coaching

Reiki Master Teacher
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics

Holistic Counsellor
Practitioner of Liquid Crystals
Spiritual Surgery
EFT Practitioner
Soul Life Practitioner

Crystal dreaming Practitioner
Crystal Healings Practitioner

Tarot reader
Angel card reader
Crystal Dreaming Practitioner
Siekem Practitioner
Meditation Instructor

Practitioner of Quantum Consciousness™
Past Life Regression Practitioner
(both Brian Weiss and Michael Newton method)
Cert IV in Training and assessment